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Hey Guys !!!

How are you ? I am pretty sure you guys are doing fantastic.

I have been working on my financial skills during this long break, and for those of you who have some degree of interest in stock markets, I have got a good news for you.

Recently I had the chance to interview with one of the renowned Stock market mentors CA Rachna Ranade. I am pretty sure most of you know her and even if you don’t , just relax i have got it covered for you. This blog is based on the interview and some of the lessons that are suggested for the new and young investors before diving into the sea of stock market which has its fair share of sharks and gems.

Let me just pen down the interview as it was.

It started with an appreciation from my end, where i told her about how good the youtube videos are that she makes for her loyal subscribers to acquaint them with the basics of stock markets. She told me about the fact that at first she wasn’t expecting such a reaction, but with the subscribers help she has now more than 2 millions of them.

MY first question was about her belief on the potential of stock market as money multiplier, with which she agreed but with a word of caution, she focused on the long term aspect of the money making ladder, a lot of the young investors carried away by short term gains and at times end up loosing much more than they ever make out as profit. Also, the excitement to enter into the markets is so high that most of the times they forget to learn the basics about the market and just follow the herd in selecting the stocks.

There is one thing about the market, the thing that carries the most buzz, has basically made all the returns for the people who were the early investors, those who bought before Stock came into news, people who had the foresight to understand the scale and demand of the bussiness.

There was an informative discussion on the futures and Options market as well, which I will include in greater detail in my next blog, which will specifically tell you about these markets and how to be a part of them.

Moving to the end of the interview , I was very curious about what is the one advice she has for young investors like us.

To which she added – Start Early, Start Strong and Play Long.

The next Blogs will be focused on the knowledge that i have built in the past few months and i will try to make them as simple and informative as possible for you guys.

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