Gliding Over the Mountains

A must read for people who love paragliding but hesitate to go to one !!

Hi you guys… How are you all. Happy new year to all.

This blog will clear all your doubts, reservations, hesitations about doing an adventure sport with an individual experience. So stay with me…

I am certain you guys know about paragliding, and at some point of your life you must have thought of doing it as well, but not all of us have had what i call one of the most enriching experiences of life. Link to video https://youtu.be/wDcTkSO2WOg

There is a slight corner of our heart that gets amused when we see such adventure sports. In my life, this soft corner was struck at the age of 13, when I went to Shimla with my family. We were riding down towards from the top of the hills to some restaurant, it was a helical drive indeed :P. I was amused with the beautiful hills and the picturesque view outside the window, thinking what can be more amazing than this. That was the very moment when a man on a huge glider flew just over a car. I was dumbstruck, I quickly asked my dad, what was that and this was the first time I was introduced to what will be one of the goals of my life for the coming years of my life. I was a stubborn kid and wanted to do paragliding straight away, but i was also a single child, So as you can rightly guess I was put back into the car with a goal to pursue.

Almost a decade after, the dream was fulfilled at Kamshet, a place around 40 km from Pune, you can easily reach there by road or by rail depending upon your convenience. We chose the road to the hills.

It is recommended that you make a plan on a clear and sunny day. The winds play a huge role in the paragliding sport. It should not be too windy nor should the wind speeds be very low. You will get to know the reason in the later section of this post. So, We started at 9 am in morning as our slot was 10 am, we reached the collecting point on time, from there we had to take a bumpy ride of tata sumo up the hills, the terrain was so rough that a normal vehicle won’t be able to reach the top. So a group of 8 to 9 people share the ride which costs additional to the tickets that you purchase. I will mention all the costs at the end of the blog.

We were a group of three friends, there was a sense of nervousness and excitement that was continuously accompanying us all through our trip. On our way to the top, we saw a number of gliders, but the one in this image is still the best.

Our group had a mixture of all the type of people who want to pursue an adventure sport. One who is very excited and is not scared at all, the other one who is like ” Jo Hoga dekha jaega ” and the last one who is scared as hell and can back off any moment.

So, we finally reached the gliding place, started taking pictures with the scenic view. Then came a shock in the form of an agreement form, which stated in case of any injury or fatalities the company won’t be responsible as we are doing it of our own will. Believe me, this was very scary and felt like we are signing our death note. But it was all worth it.

Soon After, The first person was called, as the wind was on the higher side ( 30 kmph + ) so people with heavyweights ( above 80 Kg ) were called first as it helps in easy landing. He was tied with all the safety belts and in an instant four people threw him and the glider off the cliff, it was not an impulsive throw, just a fluent push after which they both glided into the air. The process was very smooth and it gave a sigh of relief to many out there. Hours passed by, we had almost taken pictures of all the scenes with all the poses we knew.. but none of us three was called as we were considered very lightweight. Till this time the nervousness and fear were gone, now it was restlessness and impatience taking over, the wait actually helped in overcoming the fear associated with it, and the person who was the most scared was now the most willing to glide.

You can easily see the desperateness in our eyes, our hearts popping out for that one glide. Finally, our turn came, and after a safety belt was tied, the glider was all set to sail through the never-ending skies. The jump was extraordinary, it was a strange feeling, a feeling of kama muta ( momentous happiness ), gusts of wind thrashing your face, tickling all over your body, your legs shaking and your eyes wanting to look down to enjoy the picturesque view and the simultaneous throbbing of your heart. Once this flood of emotions settles, you get the sense of relief, the gusts that were thrashing you till now begin to cuddle you, your pulse rate goes down, the heart that was restless starts syncing your heart beats with the sound of the wind.

It is a feeling of extreme delight, everything feels so magical, the mountains looking up to you the small cement structures feel so tiny, the busy roads are merely visible. In a matter of 5 minutes, your perspective towards life is changed, the ride that you were so nervous about is the ride that you want never to end. But like everything, this also ends.

And the journey towards the end of the glide starts, the winds accompanying you to the mountains as if they are bidding you farewell like you both were life long friends. Finally, the mountains allow you to rest back onto their surface and a lifelong experience comes to its end.

Key Takeaways

Paragliding is a lifetime experience and is highly recommended for people who want to live there life to the full. Get over you fear and do it once and for all. But it is a risky sport and should be done under expert guidance.

  1. Do check the weather before booking the slots, the wind speed is very important for gliding. If you are lightweight prefer low wind speeds like 20-22 Kmph, for heavy people 30-32 kmph speeds are good.
  2. Bir Billing is another famous destination for this sport, enthusiast should definitely go there.
  3. Normally the ticket prices range from 2500 to 4000 INR, the ticket price is cheap on weekdays ad expensive on weekends and national holidays. Look out for these details before booking the slot.
  4. Have a good breakfast before you begin gliding, but don’t stuff yourself up.
  5. You might feel a bit like vomit after you land, but that is only for minutes, although if you want you can carry related medicines.

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