The Long Wait !!

Hi, I am delighted to tell you that the previous blog has crossed 500+ views by your support. I am very excited by the love and appreciation you share with me, this keeps me pushing to write the next one. Today I will be continuing the story of your loved character Ambar. A day in Ambar’s life after that kiss in Offline cafe, for those who are new refer to my blog ” Good vibes Only “.

A lot has happened after that cherished moment in Ambar’s Life, things have been very difficult, awkwardness has entered into their relationship, a relationship that has not yet started !!!

Most of us, who have graduated from college know the aura of the days before the annual college fest. The vibe is different , there is a party like environment everywhere. Some people are decorating, some are organising, some are raising funds and some are getting approvals. But can you guess what our Ambar was doing…….

He was stalking…. You heard it right !!

You might be thinking, How is it such a big deal, boys usually do that. Allow me to brief you a little more on this. Our guy Ambar was a fun loving guy, a chilled out person who preferred playing cricket, badminton, chilling out with friends over any such college fests. It has been four years since his graduation started and there were number of college fests that have happened including 3 Annual fests, Numerous people have invited him , spent hours convincing him to join in.

But Ambar never went even to a single one of them !!

And this same guy, came to the preparation days of the college fest regularly, just to have a single Eye contact with her. You could easily sense the desperation in Ambar’s Eyes, He would wander all around the college, His eyes just searching for that one person in the crowd of hundreds of people. But Good things don’t come easy…

Its been 3 days of long rigorous searching but he couldn’t find her. But Ambar is a persistent guy, he never left hope and tried everyday, coming every morning with that same zeal to meet the one girl.

audience, band, celebration

Finally the Event day came, Ambar was so tired of wandering alone that he decided to lend a helping hand to the hospitality committee, He worked the day with the group of 4 people and actually enjoyed it. Unlike other days, time passed pretty quickly today. Long waiting hours passed, the sun was setting and there was the romantic orange texture in the sky. Ambar was sitting on his Activa and wishing that for once he could have a look of that beautiful face but his long waiting hours were not yet over...

Two more hours Passed by…….

Darkness kicked in, it was one of those cold winter nights and Ambar was preparing the fireworks that were to happen just before the start of the concert. He has started giving up on his long struggle for that one look. Standing backstage, He went for that last one gaze on the audience stand……..

Let me ask you one thing, have you ever experienced a moment like when you were looking around for someone and in an instant your eyes get stuck at that person intuitively, and no matter how hard you try, how awkward you feel but you just cant stop looking at them.

That same feeling struck Ambar when his eyes got stuck on a girl wearing a beautiful pink top, then slightly moving up to the beautiful and tender lips which were all pink and then complimenting this look were two small ear rings with pink feathers hanging on the sides of her ever attractive face. All this happened in a moment and then there eyes met, the eyebrows raised simultaneously, It felt as if she was also looking for him, that eye contact left Ambar startled. He wanted to meet her and tell her that he was awestruck by her beautiful looks and attire, he said this to everybody close to him except her. There was desperateness in his voice, you could easily sense that he wanted all of his feelings to somehow reach her… BUT HE JUST CANT SAY ALL THIS TO HER !!! the reason is well known to you..

Next one hour all he did was secretly stalk her and build courage to walk up to her and pour his heart out. But he was very nervous, like to the last of his neurons. Looking at this, One of his friend went unto her and told her Ambar wants to meet her, Ambar unaware of this fact was getting even more anxious watching her walk unto him. It was like a chimera, slight breeze mildly touching his hairs as if it were trying to whisper the words he needs to express his feelings.

Finally she asked ” You wanted to talk ! ” to which he replied with a stuttering ” Me …..” Even the dumbest person can tell from his tone that he has a lot to say, but after a lot of struggle only three words came out…….

concerts, audience, spectators

” You look Beautiful !! “

Can You Imagine, All these days and long waiting hours just for three words….


But it was a great deal for Ambar. He was finally able to achieve the thing he cherished the most, a smile on that pretty face.. They Looked at each other for a moment and her lips slightly curving to make some tender shapes, as if they were trying to explain something that wont come out as words…

Words can be deceiving at times, but eyes talk , and there eyes did talk that day… Everything was said and nothing was accepted by any of them. A low pitched Thank You acted as a conversation end and the paths that were going to cross each other in the near future parted again……

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