Good vibes only

Good Vibes Only

Have you ever felt the simultaneous feeling of goosebumps and a rapid Hussle of butterflies in your stomach ?

I am sure you would have. Allow me take you through one such real life instance.

This was the day when Ambar felt that feeling for the first time. Ambar, a middle class average looking guy, one of those boys who had spent most of their lives with their boy gang. And as you can surely relate, he was a backbencher with loads of humor but a significant lack of courage to go and talk to the girl he liked.

This was the third year of his graduation, when he became familiar with his feelings towards one of the only 4 girls in his batch. It was a sunny day , classes were getting dispersed, and Ambar like any of his usual days was looking for that one girl. That one eye contact that made his day beautiful, that one smile he wanted to fall for everyday. Outside his department, Sitting on his scooter, below the neem tree, he was desperately waiting for that one glimpse today, because this day it was different. This day he had decided he will ask her for a date, despite knowing the fact that she was already committed. But it really didn’t mattered for him, as he had found the love of his life.

Taking a deep breath !!! and whispering this to himself ” Every Goal has A goalkeeper and yet people score “ He moved forward with his shabby hairs and a strange smile with which he was intending to cover his nervousness. He finally reached to the girl and imagine what, he-was-dumbstruck !!!

Catching his consciousness, In his stumbling words he asked her , ” Would you come with me for a coffee ” . to which she said ” NO “. but Ambar was strong in his resolve, to the surprise of everyone , he stayed with her for 1.5 hours, standing below the neem tree, convincing her for a mere 20 minutes of her day, and after numerous efforts she finally said Yes !!!

An impulse ran down his body. Ambar has got the time he has waited for months, He finally had the chance to live in the real world what he has imagined on numerous occasions. They went to the Honda Activa which was going to see a long standing dream accomplished. A sound came , Vroooomm!!! and unknowingly the foundation stone of a new love story was laid.

In this Online era, they choose to stop by the ” OFFLINE CAFE “ , A beautiful cozy place with checkered floor and a counter located just few steps from the entrance, people sitting all over , and a decent crowd, Hesitant they chose to take a corner place. Not knowing what to talk , they were just gazing at the ambience. In the dearth of words the eyes started speaking, it was a connection like no other. It was like they both wanted to dwell in the moment but were waiting for the other person to start. The icebreaker was ” What would like to have sir “ asked the waiter. A cold drink they said in tandem !

This was the moment , the moment they smiled together. The smile said it all, she was nervous, and he could sense it. She loved him but was committed. She knew it was wrong, yet she can do nothing to stop her heart. there was not a single word that was spoken but every thing was understood. The silence had its strange way of expressing itself. The order was served, and finally she decided to break the silence. ” This is wrong , I should go back “. He slowly reached her hand and held her palm into his, she was sweating, but he was determined. Looking deep into her eyes, and holding her strong he convinced her , “its alright.” he said.

The words were short, but they had the assurance that was needed. Leaning towards her, staring right into her brown eyes, watching her pupils dilate, an emotion was taking over. A strange silence started to arise. Unaware of the surroundings, separated from the reality they both went into the world they have created for themselves, and the two shy souls met and lips were the medium.

After minutes of being lost in that unexpected yet desired kiss, they looked around just to realize, what have they done. Realizing, that there were so many people, they were awestruck. They both hurried through the payment, avoiding all the eyes that were staring at them and although they were in rush, they noticed just one thing on their way out, A wall hanging, which said ” GOOD VIBES ONLY “.

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